Space Wizard Saves Atlantis
  • Name: Space Wizard Saves Atlantis
  • Date: Winter 2009
  • Platform: PC
  • Price: FREE
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Our collective was formed and executed our first joint venture into game creation in Winter of '09!
We built this game in only eight weeks and submitted it to Gamma 4's 'One Button Games Competition' for judging.

Description: Poseidon has put Atlantis underwater! It's up to Space Wizard to make a star big enough to boil away the ocean! In this puzzle game, you drop rows of colored blocks into 3 or more sized matches to level up your star. But be warned, denser stars have more Gravity...can Space Wizard hold out?!

Controls: Press A as a row falls to shift the colors to the right. The rightmost color wraps to the left. Match 3 or more to score. The 5th block always falls into the cauldron and adds a color charge. When you next match that color, you spend the charges to get bonus multipliers. Survive the timer to win!
We hope you enjoy this, and future releases, from Stronger Than Pickles!

  • Name: ??????
  • Date: ??????
  • Platform: ??
  • Price: ????

A new project long in development. will you gain a more animated glimpse into STP's newest spawn of creativity?!